how can we help you make the world better?

when good people
Are Empowered They can Bring Their Soul✨utions to the World.

The soul✨utions to the world’s problems are already here.

The world will be a better, safer, and happier place when more good people are able to follow their hearts and create positive change with their businesses and platforms.

That’s why we create irresistible brands
for damn good people to crush it online and
make the world better.

Let’s bring your dream to life!

soul brand strategist

Quinn curtis

Founder and CEO of Sequoia Soul Branding + Marketing 

Quinn Curtis is a Soul Brand Strategist for World-Changers + Big Dreamers. With nearly a decade of experience developing businesses and brands, including working with multi-million dollar brands to increase their profitability and effectiveness, while transforming their culture, Quinn has often been nicknamed "the midwife" for her gentle, joyful, but also firm approach to drawing out genius and helping creative projects be born successfully into the world.

Quinn is a mother to 5 children under the age of 15 who has overcome myriads of major hurdles in growing her and family's dreams. She loves exploring the world and recently crossed "ride a camel in Africa" off her bucket list. In her spare time, Quinn loves to paint, draw and read old fairy tales to her children.

project manager

Emerald barney

Emerald brings enthusiasm and passion to her work. With her experience and insight in strategic communication, she coordinates the creation of all projects by establishing a connection between the Sequoia team and our clients. Emerald brings her bright energy and attention to detail, and providing support for the Sequoia Soul team is her forte.

Emerald is an adventure seeker and can often be found exploring. She will take any opportunity to travel and experience the world. She is also an avid film enthusiast who loves finding and discussing new movies.

lead graphic designer

Rebecca brebberman

Becca is the lead designer for Sequoia Soul who brings years of experience in creating beautiful graphic design to the table. With her quiet optimism and boundless creativity she is an integral part of the Sequoia Soul team, making business dreams come to life with breath-taking websites, logos, marketing assets and all other fabulous little details. Taking care of our private clients custom design work is her specialty.

Becca is an extraordinarily talented musician who can be found playing, practicing and performing with her clarinet and cello in her off hours. Becca’s attention to detail leads her to naturally create beauty wherever she goes.

lead developer

Crystal Clark

Crystal is the tech rock star for Sequoia Soul who brings all of our web projects to life. Our team continually throws cutting-edge website and online strategies at her... and she always finds ways to integrate them beautifully and make them happen. The word “impossible” isn’t in Crystal’s vocabulary. She works tirelessly to ensure that all of our client’s websites and online strategies are working seamlessly and beautifully.

Crystal is an artist, bringing magic and creativity into every part of her life. She is the mother to 3 small incredible children under the age of 10 and is married to her master-wood-worker husband. Together they live in their own little wilderness wonderland next to a pond full of frogs and turtles. 

executive assistant

Miranda Budge

Miranda is the Executive Assistant for Sequoia Soul. She brings her passion for organization and task management to our team. She takes our ideas, projects and goals and helps us prioritize them. She ensures our day to day tasks and projects stay organized and get completed. She is enthusiastic about supporting Quinn and the rest of the Sequoia Soul Team.

Miranda loves the sunshine and can be found relaxing by a pool, reading a good book. She is a newlywed and loves spending time playing pickle-ball and playing games with her husband. Miranda is an avid traveler and can't wait to start exploring the world again!

social media manager

Rachel Robinson

Rach is a Digital Designer, Social Media Manager + Strategist, and a lover of nature who thrives on helping like-minded women tell their story online through design and social media strategies. She is so happy to be here to share her joy of nature through design and social media strategies.

After 13 years of working and traveling aboard boats to 52 countries; she has found the creativity that was missing in her life and settled where it all began for her, in the small coastal town of Coffs Harbour on the East coast of Australia. Rachel's best times are spent in nature, surfing, behind her computer screen, and with her husband, Owen.

sales manager

kendra crabb

As a nurturer, Kendra LOVES to support and encourage those who are looking to take big steps for themselves and works hard to take care of everyone who comes our way. As the first person our clients come in contact with, she helps them understand the gorgeous process we take clients through at Sequoia Soul.

Kendra is also a fitness professional who works with people across the globe to achieve their health and fitness goals. She is a nutritionist, personal trainer, and a bodybuilding competition posing coach; competing on a national level as a bikini athlete herself. She is married to the love of her life; they live together in the thriving city of Austin, TX with their 4 lively children. 

 let's connect on instagram @sequoiasoulbranding