Let#039;s Live Less Drained + More FULLY ALIVE (Episode 15)

Lately I've been learning some truly transformational lessons in life about the importance of caring for my most precious resource: my energy. I want to create BIG + BEAUTIFUL relationships, art, experiences, and health in the world, yet I'm recognizing just how crucial it really is to be a wise steward of my daily energy in order to do any of this. In watching my


friends struggle similarly, I knew this wasn't just something I'm dealing with. As I've pondered about it more, I think this is really a fundamental struggle of life: how to be a good steward of our daily energy.


In Episode 15 of the

Joyful Living Podcast

we look at what the

common energy drains are for moms and mompreneurs

and how we so easily can get caught off guard with them. We dive into just what it requires to bring our best to our daily lives and endeavors. We also clearly outline just how to make sure you're living your life less drained and more FULLY ALIVE, in more full expression of your innate beauty and brilliance.

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