Bringing Joy Back to Childhood with Waldorf Education - Special Guest Emily Merchant (Episode 23)

We talk a lot about living more joyfully as adults on the

Joyful Living Podcast

, but what about helping our children lean into joy also? One of the major aspects that drew me into loving Waldorf Education was how it creates the perfect environment for children to lean into the joy of childhood and the joy of learning.

Regardless of whether you love this educational philosophy, have never heard of it, plan on using it (or not),

this episode is packed with so many powerful principles and proven strategies to support creating more joy in your home and family


Our special guest for this awesome episode is Emily Merchant, Executive Director for

Wasatch Charter School

, the first public Waldorf-methods school to open in Utah.


I'm truly so excited to share this episode with all of you because Emily is such a wealth of knowledge and experience related to Waldorf Education and how we can incorporate the principles into our homes. Emily has a background in teaching and educational policy and a Masters degree in Educational Administration and Waldorf Education. She is also the mother of three beautiful and lively daughters.

Want to learn more about Waldorf Education? Check out the Wasatch Charter School website and watch the great videos below.

Interested in the

Wasatch Charter School

? Wasatch Charter School is a public, tuition-free school that will be opening in the fall of 2016. It will serve children from kindergarten to eighth grade, and will also be partnering to offer pre-K, aftercare and other programs onsite. Enrollment is now happening online for families interested in sending their children to Wasatch Charter School.

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