End the Body Weight Struggle // Special Guest Calli Lewis (Episode 26)

With the new year dawning and holiday parties and goodies abounding, concerns about our body weight can arise for all of us women. It's easy to feel down on ourselves about how tight our pants might be getting or to look at the looming year ahead and dread the slimming down process that we know she


be doing, but also may not really


to do.

Calli Lewis joins us on this special episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast

to talk about what's really going on inside of us with the body weight struggle. She points us to looking toward our beliefs for information about why the weight continues to cling and why we can't seem to keep it off (even when we work really, really hard to slim down).


One of the key points Calli brought up is that our desires are never stronger than our beliefs. So we can want to change our body weight as badly as we want water, but our subconscious beliefs will always win the battle. But how do we get clear about our beliefs and shift them to be more supportive to our goals? Listen in to hear insights and examples from Calli, including her own story of weight struggle.

At the end of the show, Calli mentions her upcoming

8-Week Weight Loss / Body Image Challenge

where participants will get weekly support to break through their limiting beliefs and shift into healthy belief and weight patterns. For any of you interested, here's the link to learn more and register (it's a screamin' deal for the value you'll receive):

If you're ready to really break through and move into a healthier relationship with food, your body, and your weight, this program will be so powerful for you.


Calli's previous

Joyful Living Podcast

episode was also mentioned in the show. It is one of (if not the most) popular and powerful episodes ever on

Joyful Living

. If you haven't listened in yet, check it out here:


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