Joy in Being True to the Song Within Your Heart - Special Guest Mindy Gledhill (Episode 24)

Over the years it's been inspiring to witness the evolution and blossoming of the beautiful, talented Mindy Gledhill, Indie singer and songwriter. Her courage and audacity to truly sing the song of her heart to the world with unabashed abandon over all these years has inspired me, as well as countless others.

In today's episode of

Joyful Living

, Mindy joins us to discuss the real, everyday struggles and joys of living our truth... and even singing it out loud for the world to hear.


Along with her career in music, Mindy is also a proud mother of 3 boys. In this episode Mindy shares the reality of balancing our passions with our top priorities. Listen in to hear how she creates space in everyday living to nurture her soul so she has more to give to the ones she loves most. Also, get inspired by her out-of-the-box, unapologetic approach to mothers truly leaning into what's


for our families.

One of the most poignant focuses that Mindy brings to this episode is the important of stopping negative mental chatter and no longer giving energy to harsh, critical judgments from those around us. Instead, she affirms the importance of continually returning to and responding with LOVE.


2015 has been a big year for Mindy leaning even more into her joy. She and her incredibly talented brother-in-law, Dustin Gledhill, have joined forces to create

Hive Riot

, a "synthy, dance-filled party of electric alchemy." In the name of

letting loose


having a blast doing what you love

, Mindy and Dustin created a fabulous 80's inspired, synthpop music album that is soon to be released.


I was especially inspired by the lyrics to their song,



"Step out from behind the shadows

Shake your shame and all your sorrow

Take your place and dance out in the sun

No one should live undercover

No one is above the other

Freedom is a gift for everyone."

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind Mindy's art and her heart in this powerful episode. We hope it will inspire you to hear the song in your own heart and more courageously sing it for us all to hear and be inspired by, also.

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Listen to previews of Hive Riot songs and stay updated on the latest developments here:


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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!

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