More Joy in Sisterhood (Episode 12)

I didn't always see the value of sisterhood and for the past 5+ years of my business life I convinced myself I didn't have time for much of it at all. Truthfully, relationships with other women can be pretty intense and stressful for any woman. However, with this year's intention being JOY, my heart has been yearning for deep, meaningful relationships with other soul sisters. Through much vulnerability and time, some INCREDIBLE soul sister relationships have blossomed in my life this year. However, this past weekend I received a powerful lesson in a frequently overlooked reason why these relationships are so needed and so paramount for our joy.


"This is no doubt the other gift of women's jokings and shared laughter. It all becomes medicine for the tough times, a strengthener for later. ...And whatever causes healing laughter is sacred as well. When laughter helps without doing harm, when laughter lightens, realigns, reorders, reasserts power and strength, this is the laughter that causes health. When the laughter makes people glad they are alive, happy to be here, more conscious of love, heightened with eros, when it lifts their sadness and severs them from anger, that is sacred. When they are made bigger, made better, more generous, more sensitive, that is sacred."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Listen to this episode for some POWERFUL ideas to support you experiencing more of this healing + sacred moments of healing laughter with your soul sisters.

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