How to Reconnect with Joy in Tough Times (Episode 14)

Joy can be EASY to find when life is going smoothly and everything is rockin' your way. However, what about joy in the tough times? In our

Joyful Living private FB group

, so many of you mentioned how there have been lot of difficult struggles in your world lately and it's been harder than normal to find the joy.


During this episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast

we covered many powerful nuggets that can support you in finding more joy in difficult moments amp; seasons. I also shared the

simple + powerful 3 questions

I ask myself when I am overly stressed and emotionally charged by what's happening in my life or the people around me. These 3 questions are a gateway back to creative problem solving (so you can be a force for positive growth and change in your life) and thus also back to JOY.

Would love to hear your insights and experiences with Episode 14 in the

Joyful Living group


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