The Secret to Your Best Year Ever // Special Guest Kelly King Anderson (Episode 28)

Thinking about (or dreading) New Year's Resolutions? Think again. Rather than making lists of what to do or not do in this new year, you can do something MUCH more powerful! Over 4 years ago Kelly King Anderson invited me to dive in to the practice of choosing an intention word for the year. Ever since, my years have been drastically different. Kelly King Anderson joins us on this special New Year's episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast

to share her insights on this truly powerful practice.


Kelly shares her fascinating and inspiring journey from first hearing about this practice from one of Danielle LaPorte's blog posts over 7 years ago to now living this practice so intentionally that it's become a major growth and blessing for every one of the years since. It's truly remarkable to hear about what has transpired as a result of the words she has chosen each year and who she has become as a result of each year's focus.

Kelly's 2016 word is: NOURISH.


We hope this

Joyful Living

episode will inspire and strengthen you this year! What's your word for 2016?

Also, for any of you who want to do this powerful practice in 2016, I would love to send you a graphic like the one above with your 2016 word. It will be in the same styling, but totally customized to your word(s). To receive your graphic, simply email me at quinn (at) joyfullivingmovement (dot) com and I'll send you one!

Kelly King Anderson has some really incredible resources you'll love, especially her inspiring books

10 Ways to Create Abundance with God


10 Ways to Make Decisions with God

. Feel free to connect with her directly on


to continue this conversation.


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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!

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Dec 29, 2016 06:13 PM 12DT

My word this year will be AMAZING.


Jennifer M. Irwin

Jan 05, 2016 04:04 PM 1DT

Aloha Quinn, I listened to your podcast in the wee hours of this morning. Thank you for this wonderful, joyful way to hear you and "meet" you for the first time. I woke up today with the word in my head, "Adventure" and when the word came to me I felt a wave of JOY come over me and new this is the word for me this year. I am going to India Feb 2016 to May 2016 to study Ayurveda with my doctor who has a school in Jaipur. I am traveling physically by myself and adventures I will surely have. May I send you a FB Friend Request? And, yes, I would very much like to take you up on your offer of the teal and gold graphics for my word which I will place on my FB pages. I am enrolled with doTERRA under my business name, Empyrean Fire. Happy New Year, :). Jennifer.

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