Soul Hunger (Episode 30)

Within all of us is an itch that can't seem to be itched, a hunger that can't seem to be satisfied. With the intense itch and insatiable hunger subconsciously driving us forward, it can be only natural to grasp at things we think will satisfy, only to be disappointed (and sometimes left more empty than before). Where does this come from? Our souls. Soul hunger can be easy to misidentify and misunderstand. However, as we courageously dare to get more clear on the "why?" behind what we are pursuing, it opens a candid, life-transforming conversation with our souls. We can then know more clearly what will finally ease the itch and resolve the hunger.


This powerful episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast

begins with an invitation to ponder the question, "Why do you want what you want?" We then delve into the deeply powerful metaphors with this conversation and the old Grimms' Fairy Tale, "The Fisherman and His Wife." This leads to discussing how we can so easily engage in "spiritual bypassing" by living disconnected from our heart and soul (ultimately by avoiding our shadows, rather than seeking to understand and embody wholeness). Finally we look at some simple and peaceful ways to come into greater alignment with our souls and live more FULLY ALIVE.

Some of the powerful quotes mentioned in this episode (as quoted from "Red Hot amp; Holy" by Sera Beak)


"I had plugged into spiritual paradigms and practices that fed my spirit but starved my soul."

- Sera Beak

"Real shadow work does not leave us intact; it is not some neat and tidy process, but rather an inherently messy one, as vital and unpredictably alive as birth. The ass it kicks is the one upon which we are sitting; the pain it brings up is the pain we've been fleeing most of our life; the psychoemotional breakdowns it catalyzes are the precursors to hugely relevant breakthroughs; the doors it opens are doors that have shown up year after year in our dreams, awaiting our entry. Real shadow work not only breaks us down, but breaks us open."

- Robert Masters

"The difference between the psychologically immature female and the psychologically mature woman (regardless of her age) is that the former would have love serve her, while the latter chooses to serve love"

- Nancy Qualls-Corbett

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