Fabulocity: Joy in Marketing + LIFE // Special Guest: Rebecca Rubin (Episode 55)

It's easy to devalue all we have to offer the world. It's even easier to tell ourselves that while our dreams aren't being realized today, we'll get there eventually. And then the years just keep rolling by. Life continues moving forward, not stopping for us to have a chance to shift and get ahead. Sometimes to really get into the life work that's been calling us from our heart and soul, we get to make BIG + COURAGEOUS shifts. And sometimes (most of the time) not everyone in our world will understand or cheer us on.


Join us today is Rebecca Rubin, a rock star marketing coach who helps people to find their soul fire and then ignite it through their marketing. Whether you're in business now or are tempting the idea for "someday," you'll want to be sure to listen in to the wisdom and insights Rebecca shares in this powerful episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast



Rebecca uncovers the most common blocks she sees as a coach that limit our capacity to share the brilliance and beauty we are offering to the world, as well as the powerful shifts you can apply today to lean into more magnetic and compelling marketing.

Also, enjoy hearing more about Rebecca's unique story of following her heart to leave her job, open up her own business and then go on to become a digital nomad for the past year, living in a different country every month of 2016. It will inspire you to take those leaps of faith you've been holding out on, while stepping into greater action and courage along the way.


About Rebecca Rubin //

Rebecca Rubin is a marketing coach who helps women entrepreneurs to discover + express their inner FABULOCITY - so their lives flow with ease and their messages spread like wildfire online.

Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, NBC, CBS Radio, The Huffington Post, Divine Living Magazine and a number of other top publications + podcasts in the "live your best life" space.

Rebecca is also a full time digital nomad - spending 2016 living in 12 countries over the course of 12 months and taking her coaching business on the road!

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