Finding Healing + Deepening JOY // Special Guest Tiffany Garvin (Episode 60)

If you've ever found yourself surprised by your reactions to things happening in your life or if you've ever felt like you just can't seem to get your head above the water (or at least not for very long), today's episode of Joyful Living is for you! Special guest, Tiffany Garvin, joins us with some powerful strategies and insights on how to find greater healing in our bodies, minds and spirits to expand our capacity to live more alive and in JOY.


Tiffany teaches how to invite joy in on a more regular basis, while also living empowered to stop spiraling downward with our emotions and health. Through simple strategies, she shows how we can break free from patterns that bind and limit us so we can step more fully into the Truth of who we really are and the work our hearts and souls desire to do here.


Listen in to learn how to harness the power of intention to bring about big shifts in your life and health. Learn how to work


your emotions and physical symptoms to learn and grow, rather than get stuck. This is a truly powerful episode. If you're new to energy work or emotional healing, be sure to listen with your heart and soul to really feel what's within this conversation for you. If you're more experienced with this work, listen in to see how you to take your practice to an even deeper and more transformative level.nbsp;



International bestselling author of

Life Above the Line: Living the Life You're Meant to Live

. Tiffany overcame 18 years of chronic illnesses through hope, determination, a few miracles, and the simple yet profound techniques found in hernbsp;Perfect Healing System. She now speaks and teaches, empowering others to find greater healing and happiness in their own lives.

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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!

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