Creating the Life You Want // 4-Step Process (Episode 39)

Are you ready for some POWERFUL clarity to support you creating and LIVING a life you love? I'm so excited to share this special episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast

with you today!


Over the past 6+ years I've used a powerful 4-Step path to navigate creating the success and joy I now enjoy. Step by step, week by week, this process has kept me on track with my goals and dreams. Today I am sharing my secret weapon with you. Using this process is what makes some people look at me and scratch their head wondering, "how does she get ALL that done?"


This past school-year this process has been even more important than usual. I felt inspired to homeschool my children and knew it was exactly what we needed most right now. However, I also knew that I had our

residual income business

to continue to grow and manage, a podcast to produce and I was also recovering from adrenal fatigue (from a few years of overworking and not doing things in balance).

How would it be possible to recover my health and manage all of these effectively?

week map

Welcome to the

4-Step process

nbsp;I've been refining over the years!

This year I perfected it even more and put it more fully to the test and we've been reaping the rewards! Has it always been smooth sailing? Absolutely not. However, my children are thriving and it's been a very successful homeschool year, my health is thriving and our business is thriving as well. AND, I'M NOT CRAZY. All of these feel like big wins (especially the "not crazy" part). ;)

To download my

4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love Workbook

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You're going to LOVE it! It's full of 10 pages of GOODNESS to support your path of joy!

Just to really win you over on this, my husband is making some big shifts in his life right now and I had him test out my

4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love



and he LOVED it (he doesn't typically love stuff like this). He loved the clarity that came from following the steps and is confident it will really support him as he makes this transition.

Excited for you to listen in to this POWERFUL episode and snag your copy of the

4-Step Path to Create a Life You Love Workbook



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