The quot;YES!quot; of Joyful Living // Episode 47

I feel as if I've just found + tapped into the Holy Grail of Joyful Living! GOODNESS this is SUCH a game-changer in my world! Excited to share these powerful insights with you in the latest episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast



In this joy-filled, yummy episode we dive into how to tap into your own sustainable, renewable energy source (rather than living exhausted and stretched too thin). We explore new possibilities of how to receive and experience even more joy every single day. We also look at why this matters


with all that we do and take on in our lives.

This episode of Joyful Living was largely inspired from my experiences with integrating some of the concepts I received from the

Surrendering to Shakti

episode of the Wild Soul Medicine Podcast with Jody England and special guest Lisa Schrader. I was deeply inspired by the concept of the "tantra of YES!" and letting go of more of our resistance to life. Feel free to listen to that episode


. These concepts have also been something I've been exploring in depth for the past year or more.


Dive in, beautiful soul! Joy is calling for you to come and play.

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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!

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