Heart + Soul-Filled Joyful Living // Special Guests Ben Lee + Ione Skye Lee (Episode 46)

Goodness! I am so excited to share this passionate, joy-filled episode of

Joyful Living

with Ben Lee + Ione Skye Lee, two people whose love and light has inspired my own life deeply.

We discussed treasured nuggets like how to "deepen into love" and give our children a spiritual and psychological compass to arm them to for the hard choices in life. We also looked in depth at some of the common distractions from joy, as well as ways to open up more fully to the joy that surrounds us each day.


One of my favorite things we discussed was how to create greater joy in our close relationships, especially in marriage. The Lee's refer to this as the "spiritual practice of marriage" and stressed the importance of embracing the incredible personal growth and development available to us in these close relationships when we allow it.

We also discussed how to follow your heart and create more of your art in the world by closing your eyes more and leaning into patience and passion. The Lee's shared why they're passionate about supporting others around the world in creating financial freedom: because of how it can support us living in greater creative freedom, as well as blessing the world with our philanthropic passion. Ione shared her heart and insights on living as the leading lady of your life story (our full artistic expression).

Truly excited for each of you to listen in to this powerful episode of

Joyful Living

! Ben and Ione shared their heart and soul. I was inspired and am sure you will be as well!

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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!

Ione + Ben's Heart Project


Skye Lee Essentials

About Ione Skye Lee

Ione Skye has acted in 38 films, 18 tv shows, and 2 plays since 1986.

Ione is best known for the lead in the quintessential 80’s love story

Say Anything

 with John Cussac, directed by Cameron Crowe (

Jerry Mcquire

). Also in

Arrested Development

, Wayne's world, David Finchers


, and 

Fever Pitch

. Started acting at 15 in

Rivers Edge

with Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper. Ione has also directed and written 4 short films and 2 music videos.
Ione paints and sells her artwork online at

and has had a few art shows in Tokyo and Los Angeles.


About Ben Lee

Born in Sydney, Australia, I began making music professionally at 14 years old, with my teenage punk band Noise Addict. Some time after that, I also began making solo albums, more acoustically-driven. I have released many albums over the years, side projects, music for tv, movies, commercials, as well as produced other artists.

I began my career in the music industry hungry for fame, attention and validation. With time, effort, failure and success, I gradually lost interest in these goals, and I now continue for different reasons.

I am passionate about the awakening of human consciousness. First and foremost – my own! I truly believe that if we want to change the world, the only place to begin is with ourselves. For this reason, my music has often been both an exploration and a diary of my attempts to open my own heart and mind. There have been victories and failures, successes and missteps, but I have always sought truth and documented my findings, attempting to share what I have learned with my community and audience. From this space, of earnest and sincere exploration, I hope to be able to inspire others to feel more courageous as they move towards their own awakening.

As my life has unfolded I have also found other ways of making small contributions to the project of awakening consciousness. I have been asked to speak more often lately, to groups larger or smaller, about my journey, the lessons I have learned and am currently learning. I have also enjoyed working with various charitable projects over the years, and more recently in the realm of ethical business coaching and essential oils with my wife as a part of

Skye Lee Essential Oils


Thank you for your interest in my work, and more than that, thank you for your interest in awakening consciousness. There is a Great Work to be done, and I look forward to walking next to you on the journey home.

Enjoy Ben's Music at

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