Creating Balance + Joy // Special Guest Dr. Mariza Snyder (Episode 49)

The concept of "balance" has almost become a swear word in our society, thrown out as a total myth. There are so many voices out there telling women to just give up on balance ever happening. However, what if balance really IS possible? And what if there are actual, simply, proven strategies to achieve and create it?

Dr. Mariza Snyder

joins us on this special episode of

Joyful Living

for a powerful and eye-opening discussion about the nuts and bolts of creating greater balance and JOY.


Dr. Mariza also shares her insights on how to avoid and shift away from the stress/busy patterns so common and even praised in our everyday lives, including even when it gets really intense and becomes "Rushing Women's Syndrome." She also discusses how this impacts our hormone balance and overall health.

This is a potent + powerful conversation! Listen in and be sure to check out Dr. Mariza's upcoming

Women's Balance Summit

to take your life-balance to a whole new level (yes, I am one of the speakers and you are going to LOVE that session of the W

omen's Balance Summit


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. Excited to cheer you on in living a life you love!


As mentioned in this episode of Joyful Living, I am one of the speakers at Dr. Mariza's upcoming online Women's Balance Summit! This entire event is PACKED with so many valuable insights, strategies and education on how to create greater balance from over 30 presenters. Be sure to


 so you don't miss out on all of this awesomeness!


Women's Balance Summit

is totally FREE for listening live or only $97 to get lifetime access for all of the MP3 recordings, as well as all of the special bonuses (which are AWESOME)! Honestly, I can't believe the value Mariza is giving away for free, as well as all she's giving away for only $97. SUCH a steal + it will pay you back immensely with your health and happiness increasing as a result.

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Here's some more details about the

Women's Balance Summit


Creating balance for your body and your life may feel impossible at times, especially with the endless to-do list. We have discovered that maintaining a healthy life balance is not only essential for happiness and physical well-being; it can be an incredible boost to your productivity, joy and career success. A well-balanced woman has a far greater ability to feel energized, empowered and focused to live their life in a meaningful way.

The big question is…What does a balanced life really mean? What would a balanced life look like to us? And most importantly, how do we go about achieving it in the midst of our crazy schedules? In the

Women’s Balance Summit

Dr. Mariza Snyder and 30+ health and lifestyle experts come together to share their best tips and resources to get your body and life back in balance. Let us show you how today!

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Dr. Mariza Snyder is a passionate wellness practitioner and public speaker with over 8 years of experience focusing on women's health. Dr. Mariza leads a community of women who educate about nutrition, detox programs, self-care and essential oils.
She graduated Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2008. She has a background in biochemistry and certifications in nutrition and aromatherapy.

Dr. Mariza became passionate about women’s health after her own healthy issues. Through functional medicine, whole foods, and self-care rituals she was able to heal her adrenal dysregulation and chronic migraines related to hormones.

Today, Dr. Mariza educates women across the nation with her expertise in natural solutions and nutrition. She serves as an educator on topics relating to women's hormone health and she's an author of five best-selling nutrition books: The DASH Diet Cookbook, which was featured on Dr. Oz, The Low Glycemic Index Slow Cooker, The Antioxidant Counter, The Water Infusion Detox Book and The Matcha Miracle. She is currently working on her sixth book, The Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils. Check out her website,, for women's health tips, including recipes and remedies.

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