Taking Life-Changing Action (Episode 63)

Why is it so dang hard to take life-changing action? Sometimes it’s just too easy to completely freeze or to go for the easy way out when we know the next steps could bring so much joy, abundance, relief and success… believe me, I know!nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;

Today I’m diving into a few reasons we run into this problem and sharing with you some basic principles and concepts that just might help you rise above those fearful, hesitant feelings.

When we identify a shift we need to make or a change we desire in our world, we tend to automatically look at WHERE WE ARE NOW vs WHERE WE WANT TO BE. Then, we feel the instant pressure and fear of what seems to be a massive gap in between the two.

Your dreams are right there in front of you… you can taste them, smell them, feel them and they really lights up your soul. Don’t let the distance between where you are and where you want to be hold you back!


Achieving those life-changing desires isn’t a sprint… it’s a marathon! Recognize that true, lasting change often comes from small and consistent efforts put in place over longer periods of time.

Listen in to discover how to truly approach life-changing decisions or actions with a perspective and beliefs that will empower you. Allow yourself to be truthful and find peace with the desires you have in your heart, then really embrace the journey to create a life you love!

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