Death of the Nice Girl (episode 85)

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Ready to stop holding back and start playing bigger?

You may feel like you are having difficulty making the best decisions for your business and because of that you’re not moving forward.. 

Is it because you’re trying too hard to keep everyone happy? Are you setting clear enough boundaries? Are you too concerned about what people will think? 

Here’s your solution: give yourself permission to follow what your heart and soul have been saying all along..

We want to get to a place where we can have a full healthy range of emotions. That is what ALIVENESS really is. 

This will lead us out of “niceness,” which is superficial, self-sacrificing and toxic, and into “kindness,” which respects self and others. 

Like a mother bear protecting her cubs, we are acting in kindness when we do what it takes to protect what is important to us..

For more insight on how to allow this shift of high vibe, love, and truth, and being fully alive, tune in to this week’s Joyful Living Podcast.

Cheering you on will all of my adoring heart!


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