Mindful Hustle with Casey VanZandt (episode 86)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level... but feel intimidated about how to grow it bigger without compromising your health, relationships or sanity?

Feeling a bit stuck in between worlds? Today's special episode of the

Joyful Living Podcast will rock your world!

Many believe that in order to be successful you have to be a Type A personality, work CRAZY-HARD, sacrifice time with your loved ones or eliminate all of your hobbies to work as many hours as is humanly possible.

YIKES... and yet... we've ALL been there. ;)

Truly, this not only leads to massive burn-out... but it's also just simply NOT TRUE!

Casey VanZandt, who is a total rockstar and a complete badass, joins me for today's episode of the Joyful Living Podcast to offer some insight on how she became "the queen of work/life balance."

Casey teaches purpose-driven entrepreneurs and burnt-out executives how to banish burnout and still achieve that same level of success without hurting yourself or putting your relationships and fun on the back burner.

She calls this the "Mindful Hustle" and she's got some good news..

It is possible to create a MORE JOY + ALIVENESS alongside growing your business... even growing it MASSIVELY.

When you can recognize where you allow stress in easily, you can learn how to manage that and stay at peace during the "in between" space of growing your business.

You deserve to show up for yourself, your energy space, the people around you, your family, your vendors etc. at 100% every day..

Protect your energy space and save that stress for the REAL stuff.

Check out this week's podcast for help finding the balance that you want and deserve.

Casey says, "Once you go balance, you never go back!"

Cheering you on and I KNOW you've got this!




to learn more about the "Mindful Hustle."

P.S.S. Casey has a FREE gift for you here!

About Casey VanZandt:

Casey is uber-committed to helping successful Entrepreneurs scale their businesses, banish burnout, and balance their work and life. She’s the queen of work-life balance and loves introducing balance to successful entrepreneurs lives. Once you go balance you never go back.

A Lil beat on Casey's background, she climbed the corporate ladder for 13 years and was completely obsessed and addicted to her career. She’s an ex-corporate executive, and recovering workaholic turned balanced entrepreneur. She believes that when you experience new success, although no easy task, that is just one step of many and isn’t even always the hardest step. She helps successful entrepreneurs maintain their success and scale their businesses for the long haul, so they still like their business and want to show up for it 3, 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Her spirit animal is the sand dollar and has a collection of hundreds she's found on her afternoon seashell adventures. She loves yoga pants, chapstick, has zero time for small talk and prefers deep convos w/ her soul sistahs, and is hands down obsessed with mushroom coffee + lions mane. 

Casey (@caseyvyoga) would love to connect with you on Instagram!

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