Feeling Joy Within Your Own Skin with Lisa Schrader (episode 90)

Is it really possible to LOVE and feel really good in your own skin? 

As a modern-day woman, it’s very likely you’ve struggled with loving your body. 

Our quick-fix culture rushes to tell us how to ‘fix’ ourselves so we can avoid any possible discomfort, but this can often leave us feeling even more broken..

We struggle to believe that it’s possible to be powerful and driven while also staying soft, open-hearted and deeply connected to our femininity.

We exhaust ourselves in pursuit of the achieving success and creating a better reality for us, our loved ones, and the planet.. 

All to the tune of society telling us that our body is all wrong.

Sound familiar? 

This week’s Joyful Living Podcast guest offers a GORGEOUS breath of fresh air and insight on how to overcome the hurdles most women struggle with relating to feeling good in their own skin and living delicious, beautiful lives.. 

Lisa Shrader, the Founder of Awakening Shakti, opens our minds as she explains that joy equals body + heart + soul pleasure. 

In other words..

Joy is interwoven into body + heart + soul, or as Lisa refers to it, “the flower of life that creates the fragrance of joy.”

Stepping into our fullest joy is done when we are fully embodied..

As we embrace our femininity, rather than going to war with the parts of ourselves that we don’t like..

We can hold on to both our big goals and our present selves. Both can joyfully co-exist. 

Joy happens in the body.

She reminds us that life is both brimming with ecstasy AND pain.. 

To say yes to all of life, to all of the pieces.. 

Of the blessing of having a body and all of its accompanying senses.

Lisa shares with us so gracefully the fruit of her own struggles with embodiment, 

Loving her own body, 

Not feeling like she was ever enough,

Work/life balance, 

The disconnect with her own feminine..

And her journey to reclaiming herself.. 

All with an intention to point you back home within your heart..

And to help you experience more joy in and through your body and soul. 

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