The Hero's Journey with Jon Marro (episode 93)

Today on The Joyful Living Podcast, I am joined by Jon Marro -- an artist and creative director, who has collaborated with such clients as Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Madonna, WholeFoods..

And was even commissioned to create a portrait of His Holiness The Dalai Lama for his 80th birthday.

Jon has created some soul-filled, priceless magic with his new book, “The Keepers of Color: A Creative Healers Journey Into the World Within,” which we discuss in today’s episode.

“The Keepers of Color” is a must if you’re trying to follow your heart and soul to create what you were born to do in the world. 

Our discussion also dove into exploring what living our dharma actually looks and feels like. Spoiler: it’s not necessarily what we think it is.

This hero’s journey (and living in our dharma) isn’t about finding fame and fortune, it’s about reclaiming the truth about who you really are, your dreams and bringing that gift to the world.

There’s only one of you..

WE only get one of you..

And… what a treasure you are!

A hero’s journey truly is a healing journey.

Jon reminds us that we don’t have to create the seed just the conditions for the seed to fully flourish. 

Sometimes we create those conditions by stepping into a fire of contradiction..

Listen in for a soulful, deep conversation on what makes us come fully alive and the actual logistics of following your own “hero’s journey.” 

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