Finding Your True Purpose with Lynde Mott (Episode 96)

I'm beyond thrilled to share this podcast with you all! It was definitely a vulnerable and deeply meaningful episode and one I'll never forget.

Today on the Joyful Living podcast, I'm joined by the wonderful Lynde Mott-an artist and mental health practitioner who has helped many beautiful souls find clarity and peace in their lives not only through Energy Work but also through nutrition. In today’s episode, we discover what true joy looks like to Lynde and her journey to finding her own "flavor".

"Your sense of satisfaction will only come the more you align your life to it's greatest purpose."

Lynde reminds us that while on the journey to finding our greatest purpose, sometimes we go out of balance, but this is a necessary step to get us where we need to go. Listen in for a soulful, vulnerable conversation on how to find your true purpose that energizes you to keep moving forward.

Connect with Lynde directly on social media at @lyndemottartist or

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