My Top 10 Lessons On Joy (Episode 100)

That is 4 WHOLE YEARS of having these conversations with you about what it means to create a life of JOY!

The main theme for this episode came from an event that was actually very, what some would call, “average” or “normal”.

I was laying in bed with my husband at the end of our day, and we were just watching some show, and I had the thought come to me…”Is this really as good as it gets?”

This brief moment allowed me to take stock of my surroundings…

And I realized in that moment…even if I get to do everything I want to do with my one life here, at the end of the day, if I was with my best friend, wrapped in his arms, in that moment I knew I was loved, and extending beyond that, I was surrounded in my home and life by people who love me and who let me be myself…then YES! This really is as good as it does get!

Over the course of my journey to find that “Joyful Life”, there have been many times where I have lost out on the moments of joy, because I was too busy asking, “is this as good as it gets? Nope! Let’s make it better!” Instead of savoring what is already here!

The first lesson I have learned about Joy is that it requires presence! And this small (but truly big) moment of laying in bed with my best friend at the end of our day, helped me realize this!

There are 9 more lessons that I want to share with you in this episode! So I hope you will listen and please, please leave a comment letting me know which lesson on joy resonates with you the most!


100 episodes?! I cannot believe that this journey started nearly 4 years ago in July 2015!

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