Fueled with Joy in Motherhood with Ashlee Miller (Episode 101)

Could you use more joy in motherhood? Both Ashlee and I have been on a mission to live more joyfully as moms... even when things get hard and messy.

I've had beautiful Ashlee on the podcast before, and it is SUCH a privilege to have her return to the show to share more about being Fueled with Joy while taking on one of life's craziest tasks!

Almost 2 years ago, Ashlee and I launched our business Fueled With Joy. Along with other things, we create and sell these Affirmation Decks, with beautiful messages and words to help ground us and inspire us!

We have been dreaming of this new affirmation deck just for our mama listeners for a little while now, and we are ecstatic to be able to share them with you now!

Click this link to get access to this wonderful affirmation deck

Cards straight from our Fueled with Joy in Motherhood Affirmation Deck! Click here to get yours!

This conversation of joy started as Ashlee and I just wanted to use each other as accountability partners to make sure we found joy each week! We were looking around at ourselves and all of our friends and thinking, "Oh my gosh, does anybody find joy in motherhood?" We wanted to change that!

When I first started my journey towards finding true, lasting honestly felt a little lonely and isolating. I started having to walk away from where everyone else was standing so that I could get clear on what it was exactly that gave me true joy. As I started getting more comfortable with that idea, I learned that boundaries were a very important part of this journey of joy!

"My heart goes out to every single one of you! Our new thing focuses on moms, and this is all about being fueled with joy in motherhood...but just as I think about everyone listening to is's as important as oxygen!" -Ashlee as she introduces our new affirmation deck.

Join us as we talk about how to see joy, feel joy, find joy, and stand in joy.

We hope this deck offers you a way to find one thing to bring hope into the moment when life gets crazy, as it so often does with kids!

Let me know in the comments what your tips and tricks are on finding joy in motherhood or just life in general!

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