Living a Life that Truly Feels Good with Kate Bee (Episode 102)

Growing up in the era of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones, Kate Bee believed her drinking was simply what successful, independent women did.

After all, she was a journalist and TV producer for the BBC - drinking after work was how people socialized. Except she was tired of feeling hungover and ashamed about what felt like more drinking than was healthy.

When Kate decided to get sober, she was disappointed to find the only real support was through AA. She attended a few meetings, but left feeling like she didn’t fit in because she was getting sober before  her drinking had negatively impacted her work or relationships. But, there was no middle ground - it seemed like you either didn’t have a real problem or you had to be a full-blown alcoholic to get help.

That’s why Kate founded The Sober School, a coaching program that helps women feel inspired and empowered by their decision to quit drinking. She helps women who are ready to start living their best life learn how to do it without a glass of wine in hand.  Kate’s course helps women understand why they really drink, so they can change their relationship with alcohol for good.

Kate wisely poses this question: Rather than asking whether you're "drinking" (read: addiction, odd habit, etc.) is "bad" enough, ask "is this thing good enough? Does it deserve a place in my one and only life?" Our life, all things considered, is rather why fill it up with things that are not "good enough"?

I hope you enjoy this thought-provoking and eye-opening discussion with Kate! And I challenge you all to take inventory of your life to find a life that truly feels good, truly feels like YOU!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! And please support Kate's business by checking out her website, sharing her amazing resources, or just stopping by to say hi 👋

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