Developing Your Skillset to Create a Life You Love with Phil Wilhelm (Episode 103)

In today’s episode we discuss the transformative journey to joy, how ultimately you are the only one responsible for your own happiness, that happiness and busy-ness are not synonymous, and how accountability can help you create joy!

Phil Wilhelm has his PhD in Education, specializing in curriculum and instruction. He taught in the public school system for years before moving to teach at the university level for 10 years! He lives outside of Chicago, Illinois in the country with his family and 2 dogs, Ludwig and Sebastian!

While in the teaching scene, he found direct sales and found that he had a natural talent for it! He has 27 years of direct sales experience under his belt! He was instantly intrigued by the idea of being directly rewarded for personal efforts!

Despite his natural abilities and his love of the thrill of closing a sale, Dr. Phil found himself living a life that didn’t feel completely right. He was working a job with hours that others had set for him, and even in his direct sales business he felt like he was working his tail off, but still not making a ton of money…he felt stuck.

Then he found something that changed everything for him, and now he is on a mission to share it with the world!

Dive in deep with us today as we talk about the source of Joy, things that help influence Joy, setting intentions, and developing the skill set you need to create a life that you love!
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