Top Tips for Personal Brand Logo Design

If you're creating a personal brand and need ideas for your logo design, you're in the right place! 

Does your business have a great logo? How much more confident would you feel in your business with a strong logo? 

Logos are one of the fastest ways for people to quickly recognize you and your business. They're a powerful tool that helps your business go a LONG way in being seen as trustworthy and professional. 

However, if you're growing personal brand—authors, speakers, coaches, artists, influencers, female entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, network marketers, etc.—it can be tricky to know exactly what to do for your logo design. 

It all starts with knowing how to choose your personal branding name, which naturally is usually your name. But, as you'll see inside this video, the specifics involved in what parts of your name to include in your brand and logo will often depend on a few key factors.

Personal branding is key for anyone who wants to grow their influence and invite more opportunities into their lives and careers. Knowing how to create your personal brand, let alone your personal brand logo, can feel really overwhelming.   

That's where Quinn Curtis, brand strategist and coach, can help you identify the best strategy for your next steps in personal brand building. Then you can move confidently into your next steps with any graphic design, photography and social media marketing. 

Not sure what kind of graphic design fits your style? Access my Soul Brand Camp Workshop.

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