How to Get Your Kids to Help More Around the Home (for Working Moms and Dads)

Are you trying to get work done from home? Or are you simply overwhelmed with trying to keep your kids engaged and on task? I completely get it and can wholeheartedly relate. ;) 

A few months ago I had a massive epiphany that changed everything! I'm excited to share it with you and hope it helps you calm the chaos in your homes as well. 

Inside this video I share my crazy-clever family job strategy that has been a MASSIVE help for our home staying clean and meals getting on the table.. even in the midst of me and my husband working and our kids being back in school. 

I briefly shared what I was doing on my Instagram account and the response was so overwhelming with everyone wanting more details, so I created this full video and am also giving you access to all the documents I use to keep our family jobs organized. 

If you're trying to work from home with kids and need support with teaching your kids more responsibility, the strategies shared inside this video should give you some inspiration on how to help your kids take more of an active role in your home. 

If you're looking for jobs for your kids to do and ways for them to earn money, you'll appreciate the ability to keep those jobs inside your home (if you choose). This can be especially helpful in creating jobs for kids under age 13 who want more ways to earn money and to whom you want to teach more responsibility with time and money. 

These tips and tricks are great for anyone working from home with kids around. You'll learn how to build a job system for kids so you can get more done and keep your house out of chaos. 

These parenting tips and ideas come from my life as a busy mom and mompreneur of 5 children, who has been balancing growing her home business alongside raising her family for the past decade. It's important for kids to have chores at home, but I also believe that kids can do jobs at home to take some of the pressure off their parents and learn good skills along the way. 

Inside this video you'll find great parenting tips for children to help avoid kids entitlement. It is possible to give your teen a job and have them take pride in their work and make a positive difference in your home. Along the way, it can help you establish a strong work from home routine with your kids more actively participating in the day-to-day activities that help your home run smoothly. 

Access ALL the documents I use to keep my family jobs and chores organized and set up smart HERE. 

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