Client Case Study

wellness coach

Jana Short

Working with Quinn and her team have not only been amazing for me but transformed my entire business. Quinn has a fantastic way of helping you focus on your message and your particular set of skills and bring it to the surface to shine. Her team was there and available to me the entire time. In the past, I have hired teams to work with me and found myself struggling through the process by myself. That wasn’t the case with Sequoia Soul, they showed up, kept me on track, and we finished right on time!

- jana short  

It was such a fantastic experience; I still work with them and hope to continue with them for a very long time. I love my, personal branding, my beautiful website, and my message of hope that was always there but brought to the forefront during the branding process. Because of our work together, I was able to focus on my message, my tribe, and my niche. That has exploded my business and is now moving me into my dream 6 figure business!"

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"Honestly no stress on my end anymore… Thanks to you guys! I am absolutely in love with all the work you guys have done and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to share you with everyone! Attending your Soul Branding workshop and taking advantage of your offer has been hands down the best decision I’ve made for my company and myself all year! Super excited to see the final work."

- Jana Short

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