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lindsey ardmore

Lindsey is a total rock star when it comes to automating businesses.

She has a passion for giving women entrepreneurs back their lives by automating as much of the mundane in their businesses as possible so they can stay more in their genius zones and preserve more of their time and energy for their loved ones. Lindsey is in a typically male-dominated industry, but Lindsey is a #girlboss so we wanted to lean into her gorgeous femininity to help her work to really shine!

Before working with us, Lindsey was feeling stifled and like her options were limited with just using her agency’s brand – Star Tower Systems (also getting a makeover from Sequoia!) – to share her passion for women setting themselves free.

After discussing in depth with Quinn, it was settled: Lindsey needed a personal brand to give her the presence she needed to stand as the influencer, speaker and powerhouse in her industry that she really is.

- lindsey ardmore 
A personal brand would also help Lindsey reach more of her target market by connecting more to them from one female entrepreneur to another… rather than trying to just speak to them through her agency.

Just like when Lindsey is speaking at events and networking, people would get to know Lindsey first and then, based on their needs, Lindsey could then direct them to her agency, Star Tower Systems, for her agency’s products/services.

Due to Lindsey’s desire to have her agency be taken seriously in a male-dominated industry, she had always kept her love of cotton candy sunsets and playful pops of colors quiet.

However, here at Sequoia it’s really important to us that a brand captures the heart + soul of the entrepreneur driving it, so we found a way to bring in more of Lindsey’s unique, fabulous flavor into her design, while still keeping everything super professional.

We’re thrilled with how Lindsey’s playful, happy style came through in her personal brand!

both motivating and inspiring

"Quinn has infectious energy and amazing insight on business and working with Quinn has been both motivating and inspiring. I would highly recommend Quinn to anyone who wants to build their business, their brand, their team and their customer base. Quinn's business is organized, inspirational, efficient, creative and focused. She is an open-minded, a broad-thinker, and creative. She helped me showcase my strengths in my business and use those to my advantage!"

-Lindsey Ardmore

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